Sunday, December 8, 2013

Having a lot of BPOs to choose from is one the best most profitable ways of diversifying. Another way of diversifying would be to sell one, or a set of items in multiple trade hubs. Jita and Amarr are the two big ones and people pick up courier contracts between the two all the time if they are properly priced. ALWAYS make sure to collateralize correctly if utilizing courier contracts and keep them reasonable in price, say 500  million per contract. By using courier contracts a lower SP sales alt can be kept at a trade hub and used to market items without having to worry about transporting them.

Having a set of items that might be low profit but are a low isk investment is a great way to keep manufacturing lines near full. Ideally something with very high volume in trade. Some example items can be had by utilizing EVE ISK per Hour.
  1.  Import the latest prices for T1 items
  2.  Sort by SVR (Sales Volume Ratio)
  3. Click calculate
  4. Look intelligently at the list
  5. ...
  6. Profit!

Eve Isk Per Hour Blueprint list
None of the ME / PE is in , but this gives a margin of error in favor of profit. If the item can be made at ME 0 for profit any ME after 0 is icing on the cake.

Prototype cloaking Device I is an example and scrolling down the list I see one of my favorites the Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I. I have a set of 10 or so of the small and large bubble BPOs with decent ME / PE.

Example of 10 BPOs on a toon with 10 slots open, raw materials invested is under 80 million , production time is under 3 days.

For 80 million isk and 3 days 33 million profit on a toon that could have been sitting idle. Having items such as these takes the pressure off of having high isk cost items in at all times. Great for weekends and weekdays if Eve playtime is at a minimum.