Monday, January 19, 2015

Things I did not know / realize

Something is going wrong, I need backup, I ask corp to un-dock and warp to me at 0. Except I am MWDing around at 2k/s. They un-dock and hit 'warp to 0'. Issue is, by the time they are aligned, at speed and in warp they land on a point I was at 40 seconds ago, which is now 80km off.

Align before warping to someone, or cancel warp and do it again after aligned at full speed.

Need to jam something, but not make them freak out and leave before the fight even starts, so the link ship stays docked. Issue is, 20 second cycle timer means if links were to un-dock and start right after the cycle starts there is another 18 seconds left in that cycle before the link bonuses apply.

There is no fleet if its just one person in space, have links out and on as soon as possible.