Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Few Good Settings

 In the main options window
1. Load Station Environment
While the station looks nice, it does not play any role in the game (yet)

2.Auto Reject Duel Invitations
This can be really bad if you are flying a freighter and click 'yes' or you may never fall for it, but it can be a general annoyance
In the General Escape menu settings

In the market window, there is settings, and "Mark my orders" really  helps to put things in perspective and knowing instantly where the orders are at on market.

In the Market window settings     

Last one is, using the scroll wheel when in the modify orders window allows for .01 per scroll wheel click adjustment, great for those .01 ISK-ing days.
Using the scroll wheel when adjusting market orders drops it by .01 ISK per roll

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  1. Hi Nutri,

    Thanks a lot for your contributions. Your guide helped me a lot in getting my industry rolling. I'm not earning much isk but atleast i'm not losing any either. Hope to someday make a living from it.