Thursday, June 12, 2014

GASP! A reaction!

In my quest to diversify and having fun figuring out EVE I came back to wormholes. The expansion I started on introduced wormholes, they hold a special place in my heart.  Decided to start out slow, get some corpmates used to scanning and running around in a wormhole, started with a C1. So living in a wormhole, doing PI, usually necessitates a tower just to have that 'safe presence'. Issue is with a tower, it runs on fuel, fuel which is not free.

The last corp I was in  started out in a medium tower, then CEO bumped it to a large doubling fuel costs, this is in a C2 mind you. No killer sleeper loot, no awesome 'mineable' static just a lowsec static C2 with very very little traffic. Fuel ate up all the profit, which ate up all the fun.

This time around I went in with the idea of paying for fuel with reactions and PI. Had a blast figuring it all out and optimizing it all. 

Ended up with a large Gallente tower for the silo bonus with two polymer reactions running. Pays for fuel with enough left over for some decent profit.  

I will post more about the adventure but for now I will leave with some things I found useful. 

 Things I learned
  • Make buy orders for gas
  • Haul in a nano and or stabbed Miasmos
  • Use a coupling array for the minerals in the reactions rather than silos
    • This saves fittings for other things

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