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Transporting maximum amount of tower fuel in an Iteron Mark V for wormholes

This is all predicated on a C1 wormhole which has mass limits disallowing battleship and higher from jumping through. This can be applied to any size wormhole but there may be more efficient ways of transporting fuel into larger class wormholes such as an Orca, or a freighter.

Why Gallente?
T1 industrials are split up into three categories, Cargo, agility, and specialized. All races have a cargo and an agility industrial. Minmatar and Gallente have the specialized haulers. Minmatar have ammo and Gallente have PI, mineral, and ore. There are simply more options on the specialized haulers for Gallente so level 4 or 5 goes further than the other races. Not saying that others cannot be used, but starting from scratch on a character I would always go for Gallente.

Ship itself is relatively inexpensive weighing in at 15 million for the hull, rigs, cargo expanders, giant secure containers and a few token mid slots. Giant secure containers have an odd attribute where they hold 3,900 m3 but only take up 3,000 m3. This works great for items that fit inside the 3,900 m3 giving extra free space. Only down side is a ship with GSCs cannot be put into a ship maintenance array without first removing the GSCs.

Fuel is 5 m3 per block

Level 4 Gallente industrial
35,666 m3 raw or 45,566 with 11 GSCs
7,133 and 9,113 blocks respectively for an increase of 1,980 or about two days on a large tower

Level 5 Gallente industrial
37,152 m3 raw or 47,952 with 12 GSCs
7,430 and 9,590 blocks respectively for a gain of 2,160 or three days on a large tower

Viator Transport
10,279 m3 raw or 12,979 with 3 GSCs
2,055 and 2,595 blocks respectively adding 540 blocks or 13 hours of run time on a large tower

Comparing Transport Methods

If a character can fly a Viator they can fly an Iteron Mark V, some comparisons are below.
  • Much safer to fly a Viator, especially through hisec since it cannot be cargo scanned
  • Viator (or any cloaky hauler) is great for hauling fuel that is needed right away or if the goal is to haul something out safely, going in with fuel is a great idea. Fuel is always needed and a hauler should not generally go into the wormhole empty
  • Viator max fuel is 13 hours vs 72 hours of fuel on the Iteron Mark V. 10 Iterons for 30 days of fuel versus 55 Viator trips for the same 30 days
  • Cheaper hulls on the Itteron Mark V. If the ship is lost, hopefully on the return trip when empty the isk loss is 1/10th  the cost of a Viator
  • Not exactly related to Iteron vs Viator but, the skill requirements are lower for Iteron Mark V. This allows more characters to join in on the fuel hauling sharing the work
My vote goes to the cheaper hauler when a freighter is available for setup (detailed below). Ideally waiting for a good connection before launching the plan.

Cost of Hauling

Huge downside is loss of isk from a hauler exploding
Taking the highest block cost a the time of writing from Jita sell orders

Caldari 18,200 isk per block

Gallente indy level 4 Caldari blocks
130 mill raw, 166 mill GSC
Lose an extra 36 mill

Gallente indy level 5 Caldari blocks
135 mill raw, 175 mill GSC
Lose an extra 40 mill

Saftey of Hauling
Going into a wormhole with a hisec connection is relatively safe. Going through normal space, especially the systems camped between trade hubs in a T1 industrial packed full of fuel is suicide. If someone scans the cargo and realizes what it is carrying they will follow in catalysts, thrashers and anything they can get to explode it, and it will explode.

Get a freighter pack in all the fuel and haulers with fittings and rigs and take it to the closest station system in hisec to the entrance, base out of that. If the rig cost is a concern on the trips one character can do a courier contract to the other to haul the ships assembled, preserving the rigs.

If available use multiple ships, either alts or corpmates, fit all of the ships and have everyone ready to go. Scout out the wormhole side with a cloaky alt, if clear send all the ships at once to the wormhole. Jump in, align and warp off. In my opinion a blitz like that is harder to catch than a single ship (cloaky or not) going in and out multiple times. Optionally the person scouting the wormhole side can fit sensor boosters with scan res scripts and webs to help the haulers to get to warp faster.

The main thing is to watch for anything on dscan. If somehow a bubbler manages to get past the scout and sets up a bubble have all haulers cancel warp and go back to hisec, which they should be in range for. Canceling warp is the first thing that should happen when pointed. That should allow the ship to jump back into the safer hisec area, if warp is not canceled it will not allow the ship to use the wormhole to get back to safety.

The harder to do, but more dangerous thing would be if a ship saw what was happening and set up a stop bubble between the wormhole and the tower, causing the haulers to drop out of warp right into the hands of the enemy. Doing fewer trips lessens the chances of this happening. A cloaky hauler can avoid stop bubbles by bounce off of random planets if paranoia strikes

It seems every time I try to write about Eve there are exceptions or things I could explain more / better and end up writing a huge monster post. This post is no exception and I have left things out so it should not be considered a be all end all guide, use at your own risk!

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