Monday, July 7, 2014

Bubbles, Pods, and Implants

Weekend roam!  Being horrible at PVP I died, but still loads of fun. First time out blew up to ishtars in my T1 cruiser. I had planned on coming out in a command ship with a larger fleet but turnout was low so I swapped down. This however presented a problem for me as I had jumped into a clone with a 50 million isk Armored warfare mindlink. I was trying to fly back to hisec to reship from npc 0.0 in my pod.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, people love to have fights that are totally one sided only showing up if they know they can win. Seeing what drops into a bubble is a great way to do that, and my pod dropped in as they expected. Someone pointed me as I waddled out of the drag bubble. They did not shoot me right away, they were waiting for their buddies to get in on the kill.

Opened character, clicked Augmentations, right clicked on the leadership implant, unplugged

Serves you right for trying to jam as many people in on a pod kill mail as you can.

Pod went from 50 mill to 0

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