Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crius First Pass, Industry

Making sense of it all

There are weeks of content for me to sort through and internalize. First a few random notes
  • You can only use one team at a time
  • Bidding on teams is cumulative
    • Bid 1 million isk to start. 
    • Someone outbids at two million isk 
    • Putting in a bid of three million isk will then be a four million isk bid (original one + three adjustment)
    • To bid three million in that situation the first bid is one million the second should be for two million not three. (original one + two adjustment)
  • Using a rapid equipment assembly array will at least add one unit to an item. The 5% penalty is rounded up

For my first pass I am looking at an old favorite, player owned station defensive batteries.

POS modules can now be made in the (Rapid) Equipment Assembly Array

From the dev blog (dev blog)

“Two specific notes: firstly, we are now rounding materials per-job rather than per-run, so savings of less than one unit can often be realized with a long enough production run. Secondly, to prevent weirdness with T2 builds in particular (for example building 10 Paladins from 9 Apocalypses), every run requires a minimum of one unit of every listed material.”

Blueprints that have one unit of each of the included materials

  • All the ECM batteries
  • Warp scram / disrupt
  • Energy neutralizer / web
  • Medium and small laser batteries, hybrid batteries, projectile batteries
  • Cruise and torpedo batteries
  • Large autocannon, blaster, pulse laser battery
What is not included
  • Large artillery (2,1,2)
  • Large railgun (2,1,2)
  • Large beam laser (2,1,2)
  • Citadel torpedo battery (2,2,2)
(Broadcast Node, Organic Mortar Applicators, Self-harmonizing Power Core)

The specialist teams that give bonuses to Starbase Defense module ME percentages are, well pretty much useless. The four long range large weapons could be stacked with bonuses to materials used in large production runs to save a few input items. Issue is, selling the very slow moving items will take more to sell with opportunity cost and price fluctuations than the specialist savings would supply.

Perfect ME is still 0 for the first group, and teams have no effect. Each item can never have less than 1 of any input, so making 300 it still takes 300 of each item. There may be an edge case where you can use a rapid equipment assembly array and stack on enough discounts to negate it, but the only thing you gain is build speed. Build speed is nice, but I find it is rarely the bottleneck. Hiring a cheap starbase defense team with bonus to build speed is alright, but I find moving X modules is harder than actually making X modules.

Near useless ME bonus for Starbase Defense

That is not to say the ME savings is useless on all of the POS categories, the POSes themselves have a high material requirement which are now effected by ME on the BPO and ME from bonuses. Looks like I am going to have to research all my Tower BPOs now.
Another tower BPO I had with ME

Snapshot of Material requirements

EVEMon Perfect ME Levels are now not so perfect

Above, research at a POS in a highly utilized system. Below Research at a POS in a pretty much empty system.

The expansion reminds me of when I first started getting into industry, so much to learn and figure out, all so exciting!
On the other hand my tried and true isk generating methods are in question and my wallet is not getting the usual inflow from industry. If Eve was my supermodel wife, she would be planning a divorce with the way cash flow is right now.

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