Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Expansion Craze

Correct me if I am wrong...

This seems crazy!
Line one, seems like 16% less time on recon ships. Nice, but 250 million nice? I really really doubt that.
Line two, 1% on Marauders, OK lets look at this a bit.

...or not, since Eve Isk Per Hour crashes on load.

So assuming sell price of 1,060,000,000.00
1% is  10,600,000 per, so you would have to make 23 of them just to make up the team price?

This needs a look at in a proper tool, but it really does seem to me at first glance like new shiny ships that go for way more than they are worth the first week or so.

More of the systems have the big red bar than the smaller red bar, which , why is it red then? Should it not be green if it is lower?

Also lab costs in a system without research is maxed ? This is based on POS labs only? Wow jobs are really odd as far as what they consider 'a lot' of jobs in a system over a given month.

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