Sunday, June 15, 2014

Passing gas

There are two general types of gas for drug reactions Cytoserocin and Mykoserocin. Not sure if CCP meant to follow the ABC style C > M but it works and is easy to remember. The standard and above boosters are 'illegal' in hisec and there is a chance at the gates that concord will confiscate them and fine you. The myko version makes the synth version which is legal in hisec but only gives a 3% bonus to whatever stat it is.

Looking around in lowsec I found 4 or 5 of the M sites but only one of the C site which had two ventures in it mining already. One of the miners convoed me after I decloaked and left the covo when he realized I was out of system. Lots of drug labs anchored in the area, I do not mean to drop the pun, but it seems like there is a cartel surrounding booster production / gas.

With one of the Holiday gifts being the synth drug the market has quite a few units of them out there. The popular ones still do OK relatively but finding a gas supply or stupidly low buy prices are needed to offset the costs involved. The boosters go from gas to pure version which is then cut down to the consumable version, but it uses a BPC which can get expensive. The synth version comes with a 1,000 run BPC in some cases while the standard and above come in 50 run variants. Synth is 25 million for BPC but it contains 1,000 runs. Standard Mindflood Booser is around 8 mill for a 50 run copy, Improved being a little over that at 10 million and Strong showing up with a staggering jump of 300 million for a 50 run copy. With that said on the strong booster, the people looking for the BPCs probably do not ever sell them so the stuff that ends up on market priced according to perceived rarity.

I set a goal to try and run some of the sites that could yield a BPC for the boosters. If I cannot find the gas reliably I can just buy from market since the BPC should boost the profit percentages. While out and about running DED sites can be profitable too, had a 6/10 running when a group of proteus with guardian logistics showed up and had to bail. They were nice enough to let me know that we missed out on a Ashimmu Blueprint and a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane. Only a billion isk in loot...

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