Friday, June 20, 2014

List of Items for Reactions Utility Tower

While thinking of setting up a 2nd tower for more polymer and utility I came up with the below tower.

Tower with 2 polymers and booster reaction

It fits on there but with minimal defense online mostly relying on guns and the energy neut for tackle.

I get tower notifications on my phone and I am typically within reach of a computer so if that happens it would not take too long for me to start on lining more defenses. The booster stuff will be offline unless I find a reliable source, so that would just be more defenses online.  Spreading out the 'loot' makes it more tedious for an attacking force to take down the raw EHP.

The way I see it the equation for fun when bashing towers is
(value.of.loot*chance.of.loot) - (*N.Towers) 

Increasing N while decreasing chance/value.of.loot makes sure it is a negative overall experience. Two towers to camp reduces the chance.of.loot since a cloaky hauler has more chance of making off with loot and bashing a large tower sucks to begin with let alone doing it multiple times.

All combine with a C1 wormhole makes it reasonably safe, especially from the perspective that the effort and resources an attacker would have to put in would be far greater than the value of what they get out. There is always the perceived value of tears to worry about. Tears could be thought of as adding absolute value to the  above equation thus changing a negative result into a positive. In those cases it does not matter how negative the tower bash is, as the end goal of getting the towers down trumps all. With a dedicated force it is just a matter of reducing losses as much as possible.

The other side of N towers is the fun part. As many tower managers know logistics is not fun, so finding someone to share in the duties is in my opinion critical to scaling up if there is a want / need to do so. I would love to set up a few towers to hand them over to people so they can make isk and then myself move into something like T3 production from the results

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